How does it work ? It's not as hard as you might think !

1. Create an account to see your DCG points growing

2. Earn points for joining, shopping, sharing and more .....

3. How to earn points :

Create an account = 100 points 

Complete your profile = 50 points

Refer a friend = 100 points

Review a product after purchase = 25 points

Make a purchase $1 = 1 point

Share us on Facebook = 25 points 

Like us on Facebook = 25 points 

Follow us on Instagram = 25 points  

DCG $ Rewards : 

1000 points = $100 OFF

1500 points = $150 OFF

2000 points = $200 OFF 



How do I create my account ?

Simply click the black tab 'Rewards Login' located along the bottom of our website and create a store account. If you have shopped with us before, use the same email. 

I have tried to create an account and it says this email is already used ?

This may happen because you have purchased with us before. To fix it, click Login, put your email address and click Forgot Password. Check your emails for Customer Account Password Reset and add your password. This will overide the system and you will be able to create your account.

How can I find my current balance of DCG points ?

Once you have created an account click the black tab 'Rewards Login' to see your points balance. The tab is located along the bottom of our website.

How do I earn the extra points with Facebook, Insta etc ?

Click the black tab 'Rewards Login' located along the bottom of our website. Sign up to your account then click Earn and click the different ways to earn points.

How do I redeem my rewards ?

Sign into your account by clicking the black tab 'Rewards Login' then click the 'rewards' tab. Here you will see a list of the different rewards you can unlock with your DCG $ Rewards . A unique code will appear which you can copy & paste at the checkout. This unique code will also be emailed to you.

Once I unlock the reward, how long do I have to use it ?

Your DCG $ Rewards coupon codes will expire within 7 days from the time of unlocking.

How do I leave a product review to earn points?

On our website, navigate to the product you purchased and click 'write review' which is located under the last picture on the left. You can leave up to 2 reviews per month and earn 25 points per review.

Do you have more questions ?

Don't hesitate to call us 06 304 8236. 

Ready to join ?