Styling Service

 What our creative styling can do for you.....

  • A personal styling service BY APPOINTMENT, for those who require individual and creative styling ideas.
  • This will save room in your wardrobe and save you money.
  • We can help you pack a tiny travel suitcase with 8 -10 garments giving you 15 - 20 different looks.
  • If buying online feels daunting take advantage of our TRY BEFORE YOU BUY appro service where you don't pay until you have made your choice. 

“The thought of spending about $1500 twice a year on clothes is scary, but it’s much more economical than buying something for $200 each payday and then realising you’ve spent $5000 on a variety of individual pieces which don't work together. We all know those clothes just sit in your wardrobe and frustrate you every time you open the door. There’s an art to dressing well and it takes discipline and planning in a nonchalant kind of way that gives us the confidence and freedom to be ourselves."

We’re here for women who want to build a wardrobe of friends – clothes that take fashion trends into account but aren’t dictated by them. No more having lots of clothes and NOTHING TO WEAR!

Finding your own unique style takes time and effort and an open mind to experiment.

All of us (Penny, Lucie, Sarah and Caroline) at the Designer Clothing Gallery simply enjoy working and playing with beautiful clothes. We love giving our customers ideas and concepts to create a unique wardrobe that helps them feel they can conquer the world, without having to spend a mountainous fortune!

“Styling someone is a bit like painting a picture,” says Penny Barnett. “We start with a blank canvas and add the first daub of paint in the form of a jacket, or shoes that you’ve just bought and can’t wait to wear, and go on from there until the portrait is complete, or in reality, the tiny suitcase is full. With 5-7 good quality pieces, you should be able to get 10 – 15 different looks that work for your lifestyle and your budget, and which will endure over time.”

Come in for a free consultation so we can learn more about what you want from your look. Truly, it is all about the confidence you radiate from feeling fabulous. We’re all about keeping that magic alive.

For further information or to book an appointment, call us on +64 6 304 8236 or email us at