The Remarkable CatWalk event at the AJ Hackett Bungy Centre in Queenstown - attended by patrons Richie McCaw and Toni Street

Two hundred guests started the evening listening to the mountaineer David Vass talking of his life changing accident in 2015, which left him a tetraplegic. Having previously being an adventurous daredevil, there was no stopping him when he announced that he was going to do a bungy jump. The crowd gasped and many were moved to tears. 
The night was full of inspiration with many wheelies present, raising awareness of spinal cord injury (every three days in New Zealand there is a spinal cord injury). 
The crowd bid on auction prizes generously donated, such as GlamCamping in Queenstown at Deer Park Heights, golf at Royal Sydney Golf Club, jewellery from The Village Goldsmith, lunch with Annabel Langbein, a helicopter flight with Richie McCaw and $350,000 was raised for research into spinal cord injury. Professor Louise Nicholson and Dr Simon O'Carroll spoke on the latest exciting research funded by CatWalk, which will lead to prevention of permanent paralysis.