The DigDeep4CatWalk Initiative

DigDeep4CatWalk is a fundraising initiative created by a group of friends who were with CatWalk founder Catriona Williams as she recuperated at Burwood Spinal Unit following her 2nd SCI in June 2021.
Digging Deep both mentally and physically was called for, and turning a negative into a positive was required. Soon the discussion turned to how gardening is not only good for the planet and well-being but is also another way of Digging Deep to enable growth.
From small seeds do great oaks grow – and now the DIgDeep4CatWalk team are proud to present an opportunity to purchase The Great Dixter Trowel. Commissioned by Sneeboer of the Netherlands, this hand-forged and bespoke branded trowel is very much a symbol of the calm achieved when hands delve into the soil.
All proceeds from this fundraiser will be donated to spinal cord injury research to enable this vital work to continue.