Mos Mosh Jeans - Essential Wardrobe

MOS MOSH is known to be a jeans brand and we believe that jeans are an important essential in the wardrobe that is always on-trend and therefore a must to invest in. 

At MOS MOSH we have a large ranch of beautiful denim jeans in timeless designs. Our jeans are made with such a great fit for women that they flatter each individual.

We know it can be a struggle to find the right jeans. Therefore, we have made this  guide to help you find the perfect match (or matches). 

Slim fit - Sumner 

If you prefer at figure-hugging fit, slim jeans are just the right pair for you. These are meant to fit like a glove and are especially great if you have straight long legs.

Regular fit - Naomi and Etta 

If you are looking for a more relaxed aesthetic with straight legs or a more tapered fit and a little deco-glam, a pair of regular fitted jeans might just be the ones for you. These are especially great if you have a curvy silhouette, as they offer great support and are not too tight around the thighs.

Naomi Jeans 

Naomi Capulet 

Etta Animal Print

Etta Red Earth

Etta Blue 


Naomi Daisy Light Blue 


Box fit - Cora 

Going for a more boy-ish silhouette? A box fit might be just right for you. These are meant to sit loose on your hips, while the legs flare to a boxy fit. These certainly give the illusion of longer legs, and who doesn’t love that feature? 




If you are not sure about the size, give us a ring and we will send it to you on appro !