Cocoa Cashmere have their own factory and farms

Cocoa Cashmere now own their own farms and factory so that they can control  all aspects of the production process to ensure high quality and full traceability from our farms to you.   
The farmers have been grazing their goats on the Mongolian grasslands for generations and maintain their traditional farming methods and commitment to the welfare of their herds. 

In their factories the raw fiber is cleaned, dehaired, and combed to produce a super soft, fine high quality cashmere yarn. At Cocoa, they need their yarn to be the purest white so that they can produce their signature bright colors. 

In their factory they combine the latest knitting technology with detailed hand finishing.  Each of their garments is put together by hand, washed and individually pressed to ensure that quality is built in and assured at every stage. 

At Cocoa, they recognise that relationships are critical to assure quality and their farmers, manufacturers, the family owners and design team in London work together to produce the perfect end result for you. 





Cocoa Cashmere  Cocoa Cashmere Farm

Cocoa Cashmere Farm Cocoa Cashmere Farm Cocoa Cashmere Farm