Sheryl May Silk Rose dress Summer 18 Collection inspired by the artist Redoute'

Sheryl May has been inspired this season by the Belgian artist Redouté who achieved success as a painter working for the French royal court as a tutor to Marie Antoinette and later from 1798 was appointed to paint the flowers of Malmaison by Josephine Bonaparte. His famous published works include 'Les Liliacées' and 'Les Roses'.

Bio - Sheryl May attained a BA in Psychology and Spanish from Auckland University in 1989, then studied Fashion Design and Technology at Massey University in Wellington.  After travelling abroad to Spain in 1992, she interned for a year at the fashion prediction company - Instituto Espanol de la Moda, in Barcelona.  She moved to the UK in 1993, where she was fortunate to work for the London based New Zealand label Idol, gleaning invaluable insights into the fashion market, up until the inception of her own brand in 2000.  Currently, alongside designing her own label, she also moonlights in differing capacities with a diverse range of clients such as Burberry, Aldo, Gap, and M&S.