Daily Eyewear for stylish magnified reading glasses for men and women

Our new collection of reading glasses with matt frames for a modern look, flexible spring hinges and specific magnification placement.
All that for only $59 a pair.
Daily Eyewear, a New Zealand designed range of reading glasses designed for people with presbyopia – a visual condition in which loss of elasticity of the eyes lens causes defective accommodation and inability to focus sharply for near vision. We will also be supplementing our collection with a selection of sun readers and blue blockers. Blue light emitted from screens can cause headaches, blurry vision, and eye strain. Keep your eyes in the clear with our blue light lenses, featuring technology which assists with blocking potentially harmful (blue) HEV light from screens.
Referencing classic eyewear, Daily has been created to suit a diverse range of face shapes. They exist to aid in day-to-day activities, integrating and becoming an essential part of your daily routine. Daily’s are a New Zealand designed alternative to conventional readers for Men and Women. With magnifying lenses, matt feel, flexible hinges, and fashion forward colours – for us at Daily comfort and style go hand in hand. You won’t be able to live/ see without them!