Glamping at Camp Kekerengu north of Kaikoura

Penny has been staying with her friends at Ngaio Downs near Kekerengu, one of the areas badly affected by the November earthquake.

Seeing the devastation in the landscape, meeting locals who have lost their homes and are now in limbo awaiting decisions by authorities, spending Christmas day at a newly formed lake 1.2km long on the Clarence River, seeing huge cracks on hillsides and under buildings and gardens and being able to clearly follow the faultlines, are all very humbling experiences making one realise how powerful our universe is and what can happen in a matter of seconds to change lives and landscapes forever. 

At times like this from afar, we all feel helpless, however one way we can help the people in this area is to visit.

Penny highly recommends Glamping at Camp Kekerengu, with views from your bed or bath over the ocean and the hills beyond.